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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Sad news for crocheters, that I might not be able to post from another blog, I have made specially for crochetters, so re-posting old post You can comment if I need to share good information with almost 1000 women in the group of so-called professionals.

It was banned for sharing ideas with SO-Called professionals...from Linkedn group Crocheters/knitters

as selfpromotion...

It was self introduction. 

Its sad...Maybe I simply delete them from my circles, so they swim themselves:)

I love You my google+ groups and communities and some women who already became friends.

I am fashion and knitwear designer, artist and multimedia artist, working at home, blogging and helping others blogger and crocheters to be seen.

I like to travel with a good company and visit nice places, taste food and have small glass of wine.

Please follow me if You would like to get the news from fashion world, crochet, new yarns in the market, and some nice pictures for inspiration and much more.

I will place here some information for crocheters of different experience from beginners to very advanced.

I have big selection online free tutorials with links to the sites of owners of patterns.

Today I want to share a blog I just found another day in one of my Pinterest boards.

Le blog de Anne

My biggest regret that some of the items on many sites,  I had before and still have now I made without any patterns in about 2002-2003 and placed online and never got a penny from that.

Others just made them and made patterns for sale and sell them all over....etsy - ravelry and other places.
Remember if author of original images will find you are doing so - You can be in  big trouble.

Dear women who use sites and use patterns or even images, You are not having right to make a pattern using them and sell as if it is your own design.


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

News For SEO marketers

Hello today is tuesday afternoon and I have good news for You

my 1+ on google, facebook followers and friends on other platforms.

I was asked by my mentor Yaro Starak to share some information with my fellow bloggers, how to get more from their blogs, so that You not only share information, but get real money and good money.

I am using his mentoring and in 3 days since I have started I was invited to use my blog and websites to be their partner in blogging - as affiliate.

So don't waste time and look inside...

You can just read some information, but the best to invest 29$ which is very little in comparison for the product You will get.

About 2 weeks ago I listened to online seminar of another blogger who at the end of seminar start selling membership in his club (what meant working for him) at more than 1,500$. Then I switched off the seminar.

I don't want to waste your valuable time with my story, but You might find useful to look into this fabulous mentor's site and what he offers You for just 29$.

Read below and click on link above the Blog Mastermind and on the right of the blog to
Join Yaro's Interviews club

From: Yaro Starak

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My idea was this…
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I will not take more from the site, just he shares information about these people:

Terry Dean – From $8/hour Pizza Boy To Making $96,000 From Just One Email
 Jeff Walker – He’s Made Over $20 Million From His Product Launch Formula, But It All Began With A Stock Market Newsletter He Published As A Stay-At-Home Dad

You need to read and decide if You are doing all right or something is missing.

Monday, 22 June 2015

The best yarn at factory prices

You probably waited when I share some ideas where I buy yarn for my projects.

Yes, I buy directly from factory in Turkey, which delivers all over world
We also have online shop, where You can order these yarns directly from the factory. Our shop is not charging any comission!!!

We get only possibility to buy for ourselves cheaper, if you buy from my site.

I regularly inform about news, and pick some yarns and leave in the check out basket for you to look.

You can buy or just subscribe to the newsletter, so You be informed about news.