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Monday, 12 October 2015 for this week

This week I want to start with news for all who like gems.

Proposal - get 200 EUR worth shopping voucher from

Follow @Gems_ie
on twitter - You get 1 entry.

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on Google - 1 entry

and if You write a blog entry You will get 10 entries.

Help the company to be known.

And lets the luckiest win the voucher....for these fabulous items...

Artificial plants and flowers for decoration for ocasions

Artificial trees and flowers for decoration of rooms and houses....

Directly from china, please contact:
Janice Jiang  T: +86-20-3904 5612 | F:+86-20-62637972 | M:+86-13266847319E: sales6@gnwartificial.comSkype:gnwjaniceWhatsApp:+86 13266847319GNW Home:       //www.       Alibaba.com

I am sure You will find anything interesting for yourself. Contact Janice Jiang  an You will get the price list of all whats available.

Your friend blogger
Edita G.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Read this article, not just g+...especial all crocheters Its for YOU!!!

Ladies who are creative...
Crocheters, knitters, sewers...You know what I mean...
You sometimes do the same items which were made 10-20 years ago and now people making from them patterns and try to sell them....Its not right.

Do You know what to do so to go further together and influence the handmade works market and get more orders for your masterpieces???

Look around the house. When You last time cleaned your wardrobe and threw some unwanted clothes just into the skip or took to the make birds not eat your cherries or crop...

So do You know or not where fashion market is going,
I have to share with You some secrets...But this will be after some very useful information below...

We already made EG Crochet website where you can share your ideas, videos and sell, but there are no people yet who would like to I especially needvolunteers who would like to moderaate and edit= they will be paid accordingly from the profit as even its non profit organiation - workerswill be paid for working on the website.

We would get support (I hope from Textile and Yarn factories and organizations) where we all buy our bits and pieces.

IDEA for the non-profit organization
First of all

members will be paid by the buyers as there loads of people who want to buy something from your designs.

We also have loads of traffic coming later to the site as it will  will be referred there from our other groups and partners and you will be allowed to talk eye-to-your customers, so as many people will know and we will benefit from all that site.

I already paid for the advertising for 7 days, so when You go to the site, tag several of your friends so they will see it or just share the link.


No admission or any other fee to to organization.

Just we need few women who would like to moderate, edit and advertise in the group.

Who can join:
all who have and want to share their free patterns (together with links to their sites), all who want to sell or auction their items.

If all works out You will always have possiblity to sit at home and not go in the rain or even stand in the boot sales as You will have unique products taken from your hands.

NOW  Information WHERE TO THROW UNWANTED CLOTHES and pieces of leftover yarn even its few metres only,

Have you heard lately more and more people talking how to reduce waste and recycle. I was doing that already in 2000.

In some groups of professionals fashion designers ideas of ECO Friendly clothes started slowly but silently been heard. It was about 2003.

What it is? Then one person was asking - another saying one, the third - something else...

I didn't want to argue...I went may own way and started creating what I thought is really ECO friendly...What actually means - "no waste"...

So I was collecting from sewers leftover bags and going into charity shops for special SUPER materials like natural embroidered silk pieces - which are like piece of art and working with them...

You already saw my orange costume which was made about 2002.
I also have made several coats and jackets. and other using patcwork technique.

I also sometimes take small and work with it...placing crochet or knitted pieces in between.
Those who are not crochetters or knitters - just use a piece of matching new or material going for recycling.

You should share this my rewritten story with friends, as I have mde some changes into it.

This small dress for me I almost redone into bigger size dress using various 4 different yarn...1 is below

I started writing a book how to revamp clothes, using sewing and crocheting so when first pages will be done, I will post to read to understand wht You will find inbook - it will be e-book.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Life is nothing without Friendship

Have good week friends

Embroidered material from China

Those who are designing or manufacturing cloth and using various types of lace - I want to share the information about the company which is having fabulous materials.

They have various fabulous emroidered materials for every need.

contact Ms.Elina
Tel: 0086-183 2911 7878
WhatsAPP: 0086-183 2911 7878
Hangzhou Yifangbo Embroidery Co., Ltd

Website: http: //

Regards from blog owner Edita G.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Best wishes for Sunday!

My best wishes for this Sunday.


Edita G.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Have nice weekend with the google and facebook.

Have nice weekend my dear friends.

According to the last surveys the marketing on facebook give you more income than on G+, so why not to open your own small sites on facebook to get heard.

try to check mine one of sites I have made there

Have nice weekend with us!

I hope that this week for You was good and You start weekend with smile and good emotions.
Are You subscribed to group

EG Fashion + Travel and more

I am posting from there your best posts to G+
and look for ideas for my blog

New crochet community of facebook

For those who are having accounts on facebook, please join the NON-POROFIT organization.

Please visit and like us, share so to get more people into the commuity.

Free patterns,news from fashion world and auctions.....all is for you. 


Friday, 11 September 2015

All the best wishes for the new friends!!! those who need advertise and look for possibilities on facebook

I hope You spent wonderful weekend.

Those who are members of facebook could You please visit 2 my websites on facebook
EG Fashion link below.

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Thank You all who reads and shares my blog. I need shares.

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Thank You if yuor look at my facebook pages, like and share them.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Live Life on Your Terms

Live Life on Your Terms 

Lets suppose you woke up tomorrow and you felt significantly


happythan today, what would be different in your life?

(whether you believe it’s possible or not)

More Financial Freedom?

More Time Freedom?

Happier Relationship?

Change In Your Appearance?

Different Job?

Better Social Life?

Something Else?

All Of The Above?

News for those who travel JOIN TRAVEL COMMUNITY on Facebook EG Travel

Join the community for those who travel - tips and ideas how to go to cheapplaces and where to get the best of what possible from holidays.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Cloth from Bangladesh

Its some time since my last post.
I want to present you one company which has loads of interesting cloth, I just picked few from their huge range.

Shams Parasol (Level 2)
Suite # D2, House # 05, Road # 21,
Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
Cell: +8801716585217

TAG Attire is an emerging Apparel Buying Agent and Apparel Sourcing company in Bangladesh endeavors to be the industry leader by providing the highest quality manufactured garments at the modest economical cost. We strive to meet the needs of our patrons with superior service and ensure desired quality.

TAG Attire's extensive product lines include  all kind of KNIT ,SWEATER and WOVEN items (shirts, bottoms, flat knits, fine knits, outerwear and innerwear, kids and baby wear, home textile and terry clothes). We are closely associated with well products to make sure our
customers can always fulfill any and all market demands.

Some of their garments below:

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How tocrochet Flower motif Granny square and how to join tutorial Pattern #10 H6_Qw

Save in your collections so to return and watch later

Happy watching and happy crochetting!

Good morning dear friends!!!

Let's help each other.

One more picture from my archives of 2010 beginning.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Have good Sunday

 This nice Sunday Morning, I decided to greet You all on the beginning of September.

It is about 3 month my blog exists.

There are some from my old picture collections from 2010 March.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Even it says DON'T ENTER - please visit for news and join my group "Fashion+Travel and more"

if you want to share some of your ideas here......

I also post from the group directly....

Tutorial of hat

Joining Granny squares

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Some news for Fashionistas!!!

Are the best Girls Friends...

Diamonds are forever...for cutting glass or putting on the finger!!!

Later I will inform You about these fabulous inside trees...

Monday, 29 June 2015

News for today

We have investors to any type of joint venture...
For the brand Vestlanda - pic .

Now for You fellow followers decide into which area???

Help  me choose what to help  You to  produce and market...Especially welcome crocheters and artists...,randome craftors and so on

I add some free video tutorial from one of my followers for crochetters.

Our plan is to have non-profit organization for crochetters...

keep making tutorials and I will share links to them

Register for that at Fashion + Travel and more community and post ther but no more than 1 per day

There are no much working there....
we are not going to direct and redirect your stuff...

Thank You


News about Travel to Malta in June and how to revamp the clothes using crochet

I want to present 1 community worth joining

I also paste a photograph of the balcony of the hotel where I was staying in Malta...Small pool and padle pool. 2 lounge areas...
Hotel has about 4 different locations...this is main where \You can come and have a rest...
Others where we stayed \are appartments...about 5 mionjs walk from this...
Available full board and so on, if You want, join us and we will post more information later.

Below is the project I started before going to holidays....

Revamping old dress - adding crochet incluses....wanted to fininsh until holidays, but still not fisnisehed yet...

I used 4 types of yarn

Later I will post the yarn I used.

This is one od the fabulous yarns which is very thin and 100% cotton, for 1st row...around the material, after I cur it into pieces

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Sad news for crocheters, that I might not be able to post from another blog, I have made specially for crochetters, so re-posting old post You can comment if I need to share good information with almost 1000 women in the group of so-called professionals.

It was banned for sharing ideas with SO-Called professionals...from Linkedn group Crocheters/knitters

as selfpromotion...

It was self introduction. 

Its sad...Maybe I simply delete them from my circles, so they swim themselves:)

I love You my google+ groups and communities and some women who already became friends.

I am fashion and knitwear designer, artist and multimedia artist, working at home, blogging and helping others blogger and crocheters to be seen.

I like to travel with a good company and visit nice places, taste food and have small glass of wine.

Please follow me if You would like to get the news from fashion world, crochet, new yarns in the market, and some nice pictures for inspiration and much more.

I will place here some information for crocheters of different experience from beginners to very advanced.

I have big selection online free tutorials with links to the sites of owners of patterns.

Today I want to share a blog I just found another day in one of my Pinterest boards.

Le blog de Anne

My biggest regret that some of the items on many sites,  I had before and still have now I made without any patterns in about 2002-2003 and placed online and never got a penny from that.

Others just made them and made patterns for sale and sell them all over....etsy - ravelry and other places.
Remember if author of original images will find you are doing so - You can be in  big trouble.

Dear women who use sites and use patterns or even images, You are not having right to make a pattern using them and sell as if it is your own design.