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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

News For SEO marketers

Hello today is tuesday afternoon and I have good news for You

my 1+ on google, facebook followers and friends on other platforms.

I was asked by my mentor Yaro Starak to share some information with my fellow bloggers, how to get more from their blogs, so that You not only share information, but get real money and good money.

I am using his mentoring and in 3 days since I have started I was invited to use my blog and websites to be their partner in blogging - as affiliate.

So don't waste time and look inside...

You can just read some information, but the best to invest 29$ which is very little in comparison for the product You will get.

About 2 weeks ago I listened to online seminar of another blogger who at the end of seminar start selling membership in his club (what meant working for him) at more than 1,500$. Then I switched off the seminar.

I don't want to waste your valuable time with my story, but You might find useful to look into this fabulous mentor's site and what he offers You for just 29$.

Read below and click on link above the Blog Mastermind and on the right of the blog to
Join Yaro's Interviews club

From: Yaro Starak

Click here to download the Social Slider pluginWorld Renowned Authority On Making Money With Blogs
Founder of

My idea was this…
To conduct the best-of-the-best top-shelf expert interviews with the worlds most switched on Bloggers and Internet marketers and put them into a sequential order with one single purpose.
Yaro’s Exclusive Interviews Club
This is a subscription product with a brand new series of exclusive interviews not released anywhere else, featuring million dollar bloggers, entrepreneurs and marketers like Eben Pagan, Rich Schefren, Jeff Walker, Jesse Forrest, Liz Raad, Alborz Fallah and Terry Dean.

I will not take more from the site, just he shares information about these people:

Terry Dean – From $8/hour Pizza Boy To Making $96,000 From Just One Email
 Jeff Walker – He’s Made Over $20 Million From His Product Launch Formula, But It All Began With A Stock Market Newsletter He Published As A Stay-At-Home Dad

You need to read and decide if You are doing all right or something is missing.

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